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Bonus Video #1:

Marketing has changed. Are you keeping up?

In this video, we’ll cover three very important topics:

  • What is an “ad” these days? (The answer will probably surprise you.
  • Why aren’t people buying from me?
  • How do I cut through the noise?

Before you spend any more time or money on marketing, watch this video!

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Bonus Video #2:

How to write a spot FAST.

Stuck writing a spot and don’t know where to start? 

Use my powerful “Subway Map” method. It’s fast, easy, and it will help your clients.

I’ve use this on a LOT of commercials for a lot of years. 

Free Gift From Tim Bonus Video #3:

5 Things Your Website Must Do To Increase Sales Online

Struggling to sell online? Your message may be right…but there are other things that must happen for you to start making money with your website.

Get these right, and it could equal BIG success for YOU!