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What Top Performers Are Saying About Tim And His Strategies:

“Tim Burt helped take Strait Realty from 8 million in revenue in 2014, to 57 million in 2018. The proof is in the numbers.”

–Bob and Christina Strait | Owners, Strait Realty

“Tim blew us away. Our radio and tv salespeople loved his presentation. Can’t wait to have him back!”

–Gary Moore | Owner, Local Broadcast Sales

“Tim is a colleague, mentor, and business partner. Using his tips has increased my business 10-fold, and my results exponentially. I trust him, and you can, too.”

–Mindy Hart | Owner,

“He’s one of the smartest marketers I know. He looks at your business from angles that maybe you didn’t know about. And that can make you a lot of money!”

–Robert J. Moore | Best-selling, Award-winning author

“You can tell the real from the fake. Tim Burt knows advertising. One of the best marketers I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing.”

–Zachary J. Babcock | Founder and Host of the “Underdog Empowerment” podcast

“If you’re ready to take your business and life to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with my friend Tim.”

–James Malinchak | Featured on ABC’s hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”

“Tim is really, really smart. And he is great at what he does!”

–Dan O’Day | International radio advertising expert

“I learn something new from Tim every time he comes to visit us. His seminars are full of useful information that any smart business owner or marketer can use before they leave the room.”

–Chris Turner | Owner, LM Radio Johannesburg, South Africa


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